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Leo Gabin


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Artist Bio


Leo Gabin have worked as a collective since the early 2000's in a variety of media including video, painting, drawing and sculpture. Leo Gabin teaches as a collective at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, where they received their Fine Art degrees.

Leo Gabin take inspiration from the internet's proliferation of media images, particularly the wealth of information that uncomfortably straddles the private and public realm, and harvest content from this never ending morass. The work and methodology implicitly explores the transience and capriciousness that underpins youth culture. References to sex, violence and celebrity, nestle among a canny social critique that manifests through an aesthetic which combines the influence of the street art they were exposed to as teens with a consciousness of art world trends.

Not limiting their practice to one medium Leo Gabin's approach is indicative of a media savvy generation. Traditional barriers between mediums are broken down as they work across video, digital media, drawing, print, painting and sculpture. Their influences collide and fashion spreads become quasi-expressionist paintings, trashy headlines parade across canvases and 'It Girls' appear to mutate into sculptures.

Leo Gabin push romantic notions of artistic inspiration aside and create works that use aggregated social media content to provoke the imagination. In doing so, the works that emerge expose the often unsavory nature of the content that our colleagues, friends and teenagers are openly putting online.



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