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Posted by on November 30, 2010

Terence Koh to Turn South Beach into a Bunny Vortex

Terence Koh to Turn South Beach into a Bunny Vortex

Written by Kim Hastreiter on November 30, 2010 for AOL + Paper Magazine Presents Art Basel Miami

Terence Koh, the unpredictable and mischievous New York-based installation and performance artist, plans to be predictably unpredictable and mischievous during Art Basel, installing his trademark bunny monsters throughout South Beach. Paper's Kim Hastreiter caught up with him to chat about the madness/bunnies.

Kim Hastreiter: I first met you on the airplane to Miami Art Basel four years ago. You were wearing a fun fur bunny outfit. I died when I saw you! What are you going to wear on the airplane to Miami this year?

Terence Koh: So funny! I just flew back from Miami for first install and I think I sat in the same seat, 2E, the seat on the right that you were sitting in behind me. Déjà vu! This time I will be wearing what I have been wearing for the past month or so, which is basically a white bed sheet I wrap around myself. People either think I am a terrorist or a monk. The stewardess this time wouldn't stop giggling at me and bowing at me; she was Asian.

KH: What are you going to be doing in Art Basel this year? I hear it's going to be radical!

TK: I will be installing my bunny monsters all over the W Hotel and also on the beach. They are my bunny mascots. It is pure forest love. I want to turn South Beach into a bunny vortex.

KH: Are there any specific shows/artists/parties/events you are looking forward to this tine around?

TK: I am actually just hiding in my hotel room and not venturing out on Collins once this year. I think it's fun for a bunny to hide during Art Basel.

KH: What new projects will you be doing in the coming year? Books? Shows? Happenings? Collaborations? New partnerships?

TK: I am doing a book with OHWOW which is a collection of all my press clippings from the last six years. As Aaron "A-Ron the Downtown Don" Bondaroff said, it will be the size of the Yellow Pages.

KH: Do you like Miami?

TK: I love Miami -- but I only love watching the beach from above in my hotel room. I feel like a seagull. A Miami seagull. I love being a Miami seagull.