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Posted by on February 6, 2012

Terence Koh Interview

Terence Koh Interview
Photo: Marco Anelli/Matthu Placek

Written by Adam Bryce on January 26, 2012 for POST NEW

I've always been intrigued by Terence Koh, while his work's monotone aesthetic and conceptual juxtapositions fit well with me, its always been the man behind the work that interested me to find out more. His work has often shocked the fine art world, but thats just Koh, he's just being honest and working through his processes. The same could be said about the man himself, an artist who has found himself a downtown New York icon, and a fashion idol - he might dress in his own way, act in his own way, but there's nothing pretentious or calculated about the way Koh lives his life, its just Koh, full of modesty and kindness, a series of traits that themselves might be considered a juxtaposition for an artist considered one of the finest of his generation.

Adam Bryce: If you chose a single piece of work to show me, what would it be?

Terence Koh: I would ask if yoo examine my physical body as clearly as yoo can

AB: Tell me about color - what does color mean to you, as it plays a big or small part in your work which ever way you look at it? 

TK: i doo knot like color. if they invented glasses that could take away color i would poot them on as goggles all the time. that iz a good idea. i shood invent those myself. everyting best iz invented yourself. so if yoo invent no color yoo are no color.

AB: What makes you feel like working?

TK: if i dont work i sleep. and in sleep there iz dreams and there iz a danger in sleeping there are nightmares. be careful, work. but be careful how yoo work. i personally feel every person shood only work exactly two hours a day. the rest shood be at leisure to do as your brain chooses.

AB: What, if anything, doesn't?

TK: sea above

AB: A new year is upon us...what does this mean for you? What are you hoping for? What are you planning?

TK: well i would like to change world history. 2012 has very strange numbers in it. and yoo have to focus those waves of energies, they are like crystals to change history. yoo sea all the protest, both peaceful and violent, in parks in streets. those are now moving beyond the physical. so very soon we will find that our minds are a new form of manifestation. this has to bee figured out together with the wave energy of 2012 to make physical interventions that change thought of history. this iz my undertaking in the new ear.

AB: What are you proud of?

TK: i tink my mind but than not. i tink my art but than not. i tink my words but than not. i tink but body but than not. i have complete self-doubt.

AB: What are the most important things to know about Terence Koh?

TK: i woodn't know. i wish i could give yoo a neat answer to that.

AB: Can you describe a reaction to your work that has been memorable?

TK: the usual. people crying always touches me.

AB: Perhaps it has angered/confused/pleased you?

TK: i remember that i am always almost most pleased with it all.

AB: Can you share one of life's lessons?

TK: learn to meditate. it iz all inside the hole yoo create inside your head.

AB: What is it within you that has made you who you are? Is it something like desire or determination, or is it a burning question, or is it something different?

TK: if i knew the answer to that i would be purely happy. life iz a struggle to bee purely happy and i still don't know hoo i am. i am beeing total honest.

AB: What would the person who knows you best say about you?

TK: he looks at the world with unique eyes.

AB: What do you wish I'd asked you?

TK: i really love, don't yoo?

*Spelling courtesy of Terence