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Posted by on September 10, 2012

Bruce High Quality Foundation University Classes to Begin this Week

Bruce High Quality Foundation University Classes to Begin this Week
Photo: Oto Gillen

Written by Sara Roffino for ARTINFO

Along with schools across the country, the Bruce High Quality Foundation University (BHQFU) hosted an open house for the fall semester of classes with pizza, beer, and mini-cupcakes at their recently acquired and freshly painted East Village home.

The Foundation wanted a space that would feel equally appropriate for a dinner party, lecture, or film screening, which they secured in this sunny, third-floor walk-up just above a karate studio. In addition to a full kitchen, and enough outdoor space for communal cigarette break, the space also includes a living quarters to accommodate visiting scholars, artists, and lecturers.

Programming begins this Thursday, September 13 with the first Build Your Own University (BYOU) meeting where participants can propose ideas for “Essays,” a series of stand-alone lectures, exhibitions, and other assorted events that will take place throughout the semester.

In addition to “Essays,” the fall will also see the inauguration of “Curriculum” which, according to an email from the Foundation, “will try to get to the bottom of the question ‘what should an artists’ education consist of?’ and then turn that into practice.” Selected participants will work with Haley Mellin through the fall session of “Curriculum” to design the courses and programs for Spring 2013.