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Posted by on July 20, 2011

Blue Period

Blue Period
Photo: Adam Tetzloff

Written by Alex Browne on July 15, 2011 for The New York Times Style Magazine Blog

Not too long ago, Terence Koh, the notoriously cryptic artist with a penchant for all things white, contacted the photographer Tim Barber with a cryptic, and surprisingly colorful, proposal. “ ‘Tim,’ he said, ‘I want to paint the floor blue and I want you to curate a show,’ ’’ Barber recalls. Koh was referring to the Asia Song Society, the occasional gallery he runs out of the ground floor of his whitewashed apartment on Canal Street. Barber has known Koh long enough to be able to decipher this haiku, and to take the offer seriously. The aptly titled exhibition, “Open Sesame (the Blue Floor Show),” opens at the gallery on Friday night.

In the spirit of redecoration, and also, perhaps, the color blue, Barber has selected photographs that have been manipulated or reworked and that hang together in what he describes as “color field sort of way.” And, in the spirit of friendship, and also, perhaps, expediency, all but one of the artists represented in the show are veterans of Tiny Vices, Barber’s wildly popular photography Web site. “It’s definitely a summer show,” says Barber, adding cryptically, “whatever that means.”