Vito Schnabel

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Posted by on August 10, 2011


The Bruce High Quality Foundation, 2011, Venice

Photo: Alex Maguire

Written by 20 Projects for 20 Projects Blog

During the 54th Venice Biennale Vito Schnabel presented 'Argumenta' by The Bruce High Quality Foundation. The inaugural Venetian exhibition was a dialectical interrogation of the histories of painting, patronage, politics, power, pluralism, pandering, pity, punishment, perversion, pedantry, passion, pedagogy, and pestilence. 

Works in the show included “Las Meninas/Las Meninas,” a new series of paintings in silver and black; “The Apology,” an installation of animatronic inflatable rats; and “Art History with...,” a series of pedagogical videos created over the past several years.

The eye catching feature of the show was 'The Apology' a group of giant inflatable scab rats, usually used in the US to protest the employment of non-union laborours, which synchronously bowed while reciting an internal argument come apology. The work struggles between the languae of remorse and defiance confronting the edge between the personally momentous and momentary solidarity.

The Bruce High Quality Foundation will be making an appearance in London at the end of the month with a new work for Bold Tendencies, the 5th annual summertime sculptural project held on top of the infamous Peckham car park. The show opens on the 30th June and runs until 30th September.